Finding SAS Depot Release Numbers

Checking the detailed release number(s) for SAS® software in a depot is one of those things I do rarely enough that I have to look it up each time I need to do it. I know it’s in the depot somewhere, but I keep forgetting exactly where. This is the main reason for this blog post :).

One of the reasons I don’t check it that often is, once I’ve downloaded a depot, I rename the depot directory so it’s very obvious which release it is (e.g. sas94ts1m0-rev940-13w30). Of course this method only works if you don’t mix orders for different releases in the same depot, which I try to avoid. I do keep multiple orders in a depot when they are for the same release. Single release depots means more disk space and bandwidth, but I find it helps me more easily find the right depot for the SAS release I need (In testing our Metacoda software we use various different versions and maintenance releases).

Documentation for how to find out the full release number(s) can be found in the following SAS documents:

There can be multiple SAS software orders in a depot, and they could each be different releases, so there may be multiple soi.html files to review.

When I look in the <sas_depot_dir>/install_doc/<order_no>/soi.html file, I can see the release number for our newly downloaded SAS 9.4 depot:

Product: SAS 9.4 64-bits TS1M0, Rev. 940_13w30

Finally, if you find yourself in a position where you have multiple orders in a SAS depot and you want to extract an order out into it’s own depot, have a look at the Create a Depot by Using the SAS Deployment Wizard section of the SAS® 9.4 Intelligence Platform: Installation and Configuration Guide (or earlier versions).