Metacoda Identity Sync and Microsoft Security Advisory ADV190023

Those of you who use Metacoda Identity Sync may have already heard about Microsoft Security Advisory ADV190023. You may have heard about it from Stuart Rogers’ post on SAS Communities: SAS Viya The Importance of LDAP Encryption. Stuart’s article is about SAS Viya, but the Microsoft changes may have an impact on those sites that do LDAP-based identity synchronization with their SAS 9 platforms too. This includes Metacoda customers that use Metacoda Identity Sync. Naturally, this is something we have been getting some questions about recently – “How will it impact on the identity sync process?”

I think a good place to start would be to read the linked articles above, then discuss with your domain admins. They will be able to tell you if they plan on making the recommended changes and, if so, when they plan to make them. This might require you to change the way you configure your LDAP connection.

There has been some confusion about what changes Microsoft will make and when. It also looks like the extent and timing of those changes has evolved over time too. Quoting some of the sections of the advisory, as of today: Continue reading “Metacoda Identity Sync and Microsoft Security Advisory ADV190023”