Finding Interesting SAS 9 Loggers

SAS 9 server log files contains lots of useful information to help you monitor, audit, and troubleshoot the usage of your SAS 9 platform deployments. However, sometimes the information you need might not be there by default. Thankfully the SAS 9 Logging Facility is flexible and allows a wide range of configuration customizations. Usually this is done by modifying the logconfig.xml file for the SAS server of interest, such as the SAS Metadata Server. This config file is normally only read when the SAS server restarts so you might not want to keep restarting a heavily used server to test out your logging config changes. This is where the SAS Management Console Server Manager plug-in shines. You can use it to connect to a SAS server, view all of the available loggers, change their logging levels, and have those changes take effect immediately without a server restart. If you find loggers and levels that give you the information you need, you can then update the config file and have the server restarted at a much more convenient time.

You can find the SAS documentation for this under Using SAS Management Console to Monitor SAS Servers. In this post I show how I use it to find interesting SAS metadata Server loggers. Continue reading “Finding Interesting SAS 9 Loggers”

Metacoda Activity Reviewer

The latest release of Metacoda Plug-ins, version 6.2, is now available and includes a new Activity Reviewer plug-in which can be used to review SAS® 9 platform log records from within SAS Management Console for the purposes of audit.

Metacoda Activity Reviewer

This blog post provides an overview of how it came to be, how it works, and what you can do with it. Continue reading “Metacoda Activity Reviewer”

Metacoda Plug-ins Tip: View SAS Management Console Log File

In supporting Metacoda Plug-ins, one of the most useful things for us to review is the SAS Management Console log file SASMCErrorLog.txt. If you have ever had to look at this file yourself, or ask someone to email you a copy, then you would know it can be tricky to explain where to find it. So, to make it easier to access, and remove this friction, we have added a small enhancement to the recently released Metacoda Plug-ins 6.1 R6.

After installing Metacoda Plug-ins 6.1 R6, if you look in the SAS Management Console Tools menu you will see a new View SAS Management Console Log File... action. It opens the SAS Management Console log file SASMCErrorLog.txt by launching a standard text editor.

Metacoda Plug-ins: View SAS Management Console Log File

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