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My name is Paul Homes and this is my blog about SAS® platform administration and working with SAS metadata. In it I write about my thoughts, discoveries and experiences in these areas. It is mainly a place where I can jot down things that I can find later. I also hope it is useful to other SAS platform administrators out there. We are a relatively small group of people and so it’s good to share experiences.

I have been working with SAS software for over 30 years. In that time I have had a variety of roles, but these days I find most of the work I do is related to SAS platform administration and working with SAS metadata.

As a SAS platform administrator, I found that I needed some additional tools to help me be more efficient. For that reason I started a company, Metacoda, that develops plug-ins that integrate with SAS software to provide enhanced access to metadata. As both a developer and user of Metacoda software I also blog about how Metacoda software can help with SAS platform administration.

I have the following SAS certifications:

If you are also involved in SAS platform administration then I hope you find my blog useful. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please let me know by either commenting on the articles or sending me a message.

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