SAS Global Forum 2014 for Platform Administrators

SAS Global Forum 2014 is just around the corner and I’m getting really excited about it. There is so much content for SAS platform administrators this year. I had been thinking of posting a list of admin related papers I was keen to see, but then I saw that Greg Nelson from ThotWave wrote a SAS Users Groups blog post, “SAS Administration-palooza!”, which has a much more comprehensive list than I had. I’d encourage you to have a look through Greg’s list for some great suggestions to add to your schedule. I certainly picked up a few I had missed. If you can’t go to the conference itself then it’s also a great reading list for when the papers become available online.

If you’re a SAS platform administrator, or thinking of becoming one, I’d also suggest you sign up for Greg’s pre-conference tutorial on the Sunday morning “The Role of the SAS® Administrator: A Day in the Life of a Modern SAS Enterprise

If you arrive on Saturday then you might also want to head along to the TweetUp too.

I hope to see you at #SASGF14. I’ll either be at those admin papers, walking around the demo hall checking out all the new cool SAS software, or at the Metacoda stand talking to people about our products. If you see me please say “Hello”.

Favourite Papers from SAS Global Forum 2013

I’m back in Australia now after attending SAS Global Forum 2013 in San Francisco last week. As always it was a fantastic conference where I got to meet lots of other enthusiastic SAS users, see some great papers about SAS software (though I never seem to see as many papers as I originally planned), and spend lots of time in the demo hall. The demo hall is one of my favourite places. You can talk to SAS developers and product managers about what’s coming in the next major release of SAS (9.4). The demo hall is also where Metacoda (my company) had a SAS Alliance Member sponsor stand and got to show our latest Metacoda products. Meeting our customers from the other side of the globe is always a highlight of the conference for me.

These are some of my favourite papers from the conference. As you will see from the list, Continue reading “Favourite Papers from SAS Global Forum 2013”

SAS Administrator Series on SAS Users Groups Blog

If you’re a SAS platform administrator and you subscribe to the SAS® Tech Report you probably noticed the following snippet in the November 2012 issue:

And take a look at the new series for SAS administrators on the SAS Users Groups blog. Christina and I plan to give administrators information that includes talking with IT, storage and IO subsystems.

Waynette Tubbs
Editor, SAS Tech Report

I’m really looking forward to following this series of blog posts and hearing about the experiences and opinions of lots of other SAS platform administrators. There have been a few posts already and I was also excited that I was recently able to contribute something too: IT skills or SAS skills–what’s more important?

It sounds like there are going to be lots of great topics from a number of different contributors, so be sure to bookmark it as another resource for SAS platform administrators.

Favourite Papers from SAS Global Forum 2012

These are some of my favourite papers from SAS Global Forum 2012 last month. I didn’t to get to see as many papers in person as I’d originally planned; we were very busy at our Metacoda stand. So it was great that the papers had already been published before the event as I’d already read most of the ones I missed.

As you will see from the list below, Continue reading “Favourite Papers from SAS Global Forum 2012”