Favourite Papers from SAS Global Forum 2012

These are some of my favourite papers from SAS Global Forum 2012 last month. I didn’t to get to see as many papers in person as I’d originally planned; we were very busy at our Metacoda stand. So it was great that the papers had already been published before the event as I’d already read most of the ones I missed.

As you will see from the list below, I am very much biased towards SAS platform administration, SAS metadata, SAS metadata security and applications development papers.

Integrating Your Java Web Application into the SAS® 9.2 or SAS 9.3 Enterprise Business Intelligence Environment
Guillaume Curat
SAS Global Forum 2012 Paper 009-2012
PDF available from http://support.sas.com/resources/papers/proceedings12/009-2012.pdf
De Rigueur – Adding Process to Your Business Analytics Environment
Diane Hatcher, Falko Schulz & Steve Sparano
SAS Global Forum 2012 Paper 019-2012
PDF available from http://support.sas.com/resources/papers/proceedings12/019-2012.pdf
SAS® OLAP Cube Tuning and Query Performance Optimization
Tatyana Petrova
SAS Global Forum 2012 Paper 026-2012
PDF available from http://support.sas.com/resources/papers/proceedings12/026-2012.pdf
Developing Custom Metadata Reports for SAS® Data Integration Studio
Michael Kilhullen
SAS Global Forum 2012 Paper 120-2012
PDF available from http://support.sas.com/resources/papers/proceedings12/120-2012.pdf
Case Study: Implementing and Administering SAS® Enterprise Guide® across the Enterprise as a Solution for Data Access Security
Dr. Linda Sullivan, Ulf Borjesson, Evangeline Collado & Maureen Murray
SAS Global Forum 2012 Paper 296-2012
PDF available from http://support.sas.com/resources/papers/proceedings12/296-2012.pdf
Best Practices for Administering SAS® Enterprise Guide®
Casey Smith
SAS Global Forum 2012 Paper 297-2012
PDF available from http://support.sas.com/resources/papers/proceedings12/297-2012.pdf
Zen and the Art of SAS® Maintenance: Maintaining and Upgrading a Well-Oiled SAS Deployment
Mark Schneider, Donna Bennett, Jane Stovic, Jason Losh & Shannon Leslie
SAS Global Forum 2012 Paper 354-2012
PDF available from http://support.sas.com/resources/papers/proceedings12/354-2012.pdf
Security Hardening for SAS® 9.3 Enterprise BI Web Applications
Heesun Park
SAS Global Forum 2012 Paper 358-2012
PDF available from http://support.sas.com/resources/papers/proceedings12/358-2012.pdf
Guidelines for Preparing your Computer Systems for SAS®
Margaret Crevar & Tony Brown
SAS Global Forum 2012 Paper 363-2012
PDF available from http://support.sas.com/resources/papers/proceedings12/363-2012.pdf
Serving SAS®: A Visual Guide to SAS Servers (Contributed Paper Edition)
Gregory S. Nelson
SAS Global Forum 2012 Paper 364-2012
PDF available from http://support.sas.com/resources/papers/proceedings12/364-2012.pdf
Logging 101: Leveraging the SAS Enhanced Logging Facility
Margaret Crevar & Tony Brown
SAS Global Forum 2012 Paper 366-2012
PDF available from http://support.sas.com/resources/papers/proceedings12/366-2012.pdf
Leveraging an Upgrade to Improve Metadata
Brent Whitesel & Angela Hall
SAS Global Forum 2012 Paper 369-2012
PDF available from http://support.sas.com/resources/papers/proceedings12/369-2012.pdf
How to Administer a 9,000-User Community on a Multiple SAS® Metadata Environment
Frank Baars & Edwin Nijsen
SAS Global Forum 2012 Paper 371-2012
PDF available from http://support.sas.com/resources/papers/proceedings12/371-2012.pdf
Using Dynamic Views as a Supplement to SAS Security to Enhance Multiple Levels of Access Requirements to Row-Level Data Upon SAS® Server Startup
Chris Bresson & Marty Flis
SAS Global Forum 2012 Paper 374-2012
PDF available from http://support.sas.com/resources/papers/proceedings12/374-2012.pdf
Evolution of Best Practices for Metadata Change Control in SAS®9
Diane Hatcher
SAS Global Forum 2012 Paper 376-2012
PDF available from http://support.sas.com/resources/papers/proceedings12/376-2012.pdf
Automagically Herding 101 SAS® Users from Microsoft Active Directory to SAS Metadata
Stephen Overton
SAS Global Forum 2012 Paper 377-2012
PDF available from http://support.sas.com/resources/papers/proceedings12/377-2012.pdf
From Solo to Symphony: Scaling Up Service Using SAS® Stored Process Server Cluster
Qing Ye, Richard Nardin & Romon Williams
SAS Global Forum 2012 Paper 378-2012
PDF available from http://support.sas.com/resources/papers/proceedings12/378-2012.pdf
A Sunny Outlook for Cloud Computing with SAS®
Craig Rubendall & Robert Stephens
SAS Global Forum 2012 Paper 390-2012
PDF (abstract only) available from http://support.sas.com/resources/papers/proceedings12/390-2012.pdf
Storage 101: Understanding Storage for SAS® Applications
Bob Augustine
SAS Global Forum 2012 Paper 416-2012
PDF available from http://support.sas.com/resources/papers/proceedings12/416-2012.pdf

I also got to watch a demo hall presentation by Larry Noe on the upcoming Metadata Bound Libraries feature planned for SAS 9.3M2 and SAS 9.4, including a new proc authlib and a logger to audit data access. This new feature will provide SAS administrators with the ability to ensure all access to SAS tables, in specially configured libraries, are controlled by SAS metadata permissions. Along with the currently used technique of mediated data access, metadata bound libraries promise to prevent users with access to a SAS coding interface (like SAS Enterprise Guide) writing and executing their own base engine libname statement to bypass metadata security and get direct access to tables. It’s not something that will be used all the time but will be very necessary when dealing with sensitive data sources.

I’ve included the ‘Sunny Outlook for Cloud Computing‘ paper in the list but I could only find the abstract for it. It was a very interesting presentation about future cloud-based deployment methods for SAS software with ‘vapps‘. I’m looking forward to hopefully finding out more about this, and metadata bound libraries, over the coming year and at SASGF13 in San Franciso next year too.

Thanks to all the authors for taking the time to prepare, present, publish and share these papers with the SAS community.

If I’ve missed any other good SASGF12 admin/metadata/dev papers, please leave a comment and let me know.

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