SAS Management Console on HiDPI Windows 10 Revisited

It has been a few years since I posted SAS Management Console on HiDPI Windows 10, and the Windows 10 HiDPI options have changed a little since then, so I wanted to post an update.

Compared to the simple Override high DPI combo box from 2017, there is now a full High DPI settings dialog:

Windows High DPI Setting Dialog

The choices now include: Continue reading “SAS Management Console on HiDPI Windows 10 Revisited”

When SAS Management Console Fails to Start

It is very rare, but occasionally, such as after an update, SAS® Management Console may fail to start. It is so rare for me that next time it happens I have usually forgotten what I did last time to fix it – hence this post.

Whenever I have seen SAS Management Console not starting correctly, especially when not showing the splash screen, it has usually been a problem with the SAS Private Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or the SAS Versioned JAR Repository (VJR) cache. With a problem like this the best place to start troubleshooting Continue reading “When SAS Management Console Fails to Start”

Keyword Bookmark Search with SAS Support

I had noticed recently that when I searched for SAS documentation on Google I wasn’t finding the SAS 9.4 documentation pages I wanted. I tweeted about it, found others had the same issue, and that SAS are working to address it. In the interim, the answer was simple of course … search using instead. However, I’m impatient and am used to just typing my query in the web browser address bar (e.g. sas 9.4 iomserverappender) and then clicking on the first or second link in the search results (when the search query is unique enough). It’s very fast. Finding and clicking a bookmark, waiting for the page to load, locating the search field on the page, typing in the query, clicking the submit button, waiting for the search results page to load, and clicking on the right link …. well that’s quite a bit more work! ;) [#FirstWorldProblems]

So, I’ve switched to using another method where I can keep typing my SAS 9.4 documentation search in the browser address bar AND use at the same time. It might even work out better than before.

In Chrome/Chromium you can add search engines with keywords (right click over the address bar and select Edit search engines… from the context menu):

Chrome Search Engines with SAS Support

In Firefox you have keyword searches via bookmarks: Continue reading “Keyword Bookmark Search with SAS Support”