SAS Administrator Series on SAS Users Groups Blog

If you’re a SAS platform administrator and you subscribe to the SASĀ® Tech Report you probably noticed the following snippet in the November 2012 issue:

And take a look at the new series for SAS administrators on the SAS Users Groups blog. Christina and I plan to give administrators information that includes talking with IT, storage and IO subsystems.

Waynette Tubbs
Editor, SAS Tech Report

I’m really looking forward to following this series of blog posts and hearing about the experiences and opinions of lots of other SAS platform administrators. There have been a few posts already and I was also excited that I was recently able to contribute something too: IT skills or SAS skills–what’s more important?

It sounds like there are going to be lots of great topics from a number of different contributors, so be sure to bookmark it as another resource for SAS platform administrators.

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