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  1. Hi Paul!

    great to see you at SGF. Quick question, do you have an example of a report for details on all scheduled jobs? the schedule manager plugin is pretty light. Ideally, we would want to see all of the scheduled jobs by user, periodicity (daily, weekly, etc.), last executed, next run, job name, scheduled by, scheduling server,

  2. Hi Greg,

    It was great to see you at SASGF too. I heard very good things about your admin workshops.

    I don’t have a detailed report on jobs, but if I do write one down the track I’ll let you know. The ones in the presentation screenshots were simple reports: one on jobs that needed to be redeployed because the job was newer than the already deployed code; the other just compared the timestamps on jobs in different environments to see what might need to be promoted. For the report you want, some of the things you should be able to get out of metadata, but I think you would also need to reach into the scheduling server for some of the other information. I haven’t looked for any APIs on that as yet so not sure how accessible that extra info would be.


  3. Dear Paul,

    I was looking for a report for details on all scheduled jobs (as Greg had posted ).
    Could you help me if such info can be captured now. I was specifically looking for last run time and queue detail (priority queue, normal queue).

    Any useful information will be of great help to me. Thank you.


  4. Hi Mark,

    If you look at the deployed flow object in metadata (JFJob model type) you’ll find an associated Property object (through the Properties association) with a name of QUEUE. It’s DefaultValue attribute will be the name of the queue (priority, normal etc). Other associated metadata can give you details of the schedule such as Calendar, hours, minutes etc.

    For the last run time, exit status etc, you’ll need to look into the scheduler itself (such as with the Platform jhist command). That run history is not available in metadata as far as I know.


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