SAS 9.3 Framework Data Server (and the missing license)

Whilst troubleshooting why my SAS 9.3 Framework Data Server wasn’t starting I discovered that, unlike Foundation SAS where the license (a.k.a. SID or setinit) is applied once a year, the SAS Framework Data Server requires the presence of a during every start up. Mine had been deleted. I’m not 100% sure how that came to be but I suspect it was probably one of two things:

1) I applied the SID the modern way and subsequently deleting the SID & files after the SID had been applied because in the past I’d preferred to remove these license files when they were no longer needed for obvious reasons (and when I thought they were only used temporarily during the application of the license).

2) I applied a new SID the old fashioned way by extracting the source and running it via “sas -setinit -sysin” from a temporary location and then subsequently deleted the .sas and .log files after checking it had been applied ok. Old habits are hard to break and I’d done it this way so many times with V6, V7 & V8 it’s still competing for the #1 spot in my SAS memory banks! … and until now I never thought it did any harm.

This was how I discovered the problem:
sas@sas93lnx01:/opt/sas93/SASFoundation/9.3$ /etc/init.d/saslev2 status
Status check for SAS Lev2 services ...
... status of SAS services for SAS Lev2
2012-11-03:11:32:28: SAS servers status:
2012-11-03:11:32:28: SAS Metadata Server 1 is UP
2012-11-03:11:32:28: SAS OLAP Server 1 is UP
2012-11-03:11:32:28: SAS Object Spawner 1 is UP
2012-11-03:11:32:28: SAS Share Server 1 is UP
2012-11-03:11:32:28: SAS CONNECT Spawner 1 is UP
2012-11-03:11:32:28: SAS Remote Services 1 is UP
2012-11-03:11:32:28: SAS Framework Data Server 1 is NOT up
... status of SAS Deployment Tester Server for SAS Lev2
Server is stopped
... status of JBoss service for SAS Lev2
...... JBoss Lev2 is stopped
Finished status check for SAS Lev2 services ...

Looking in the /opt/ebiedieg/Lev2/FrameworkServer/dffedsvrcfg/Logs/FrameworkServer_FrameworkServer_console.log file I could see:
Failed to initialize cradle support

There was more info in the file /opt/ebiedieg/Lev2/FrameworkServer/dffedsvrcfg/Logs/FrameworkServer_FrameworkServer_2012-11-03_sas93lnx01_1708.log:

Host: 'sas93lnx01', OS: 'LIN X64', Release: '2.6.32-44-server', SAS Version: '', Command: '/opt/sas93/dfs/lib/tkesrv -set TKPATH /opt/sas93/dfs/lib -config /opt/ebiedieg/Lev2/FrameworkServer/dffedsvrcfg/dfs_serv.xml -logconfigloc /opt/ebiedieg/Lev2/FrameworkServer/dffedsvrcfg/dfs_log.xml'
2012-11-03T10:46:45,385 INFO [00000004] Cradle :sas - TKCRADLE version 1.0.0 is initializing.
2012-11-03T10:46:45,391 ERROR [00000004] App.Program :sas - The file was not found: /opt/sas93/SASFoundation/9.3/
2012-11-03T10:46:45,392 ERROR [00000004] App.Program :sas - The file was not found: /opt/sas93/SASFoundation/9.3/
2012-11-03T10:46:45,393 ERROR [00000004] DataFlux.Licensing :sas - Failed to check out license 'SAS Framework Data Server' (failed to stat setinit file '/opt/sas93/SASFoundation/9.3/'. Error: 3 - file not found).

So I reapplied my SID the correct / modern way (see the SAS Support Site’s License Assistance page for the UNIX Operating Environment):
sas@sas93lnx01:/opt/sas93/SASFoundation/9.3$ ./sassetup
Welcome to SAS Setup, the program used to renew your SAS software.

Some conventions used throughout SAS Setup are:
* indicates which menu selection is the default choice
( ) indicates the default response to a prompt
! starts a sub-shell on your system
h displays help for a menu selection or prompt
g goes back to a previous menu selection or prompt
q quits SAS Setup at any point

Setup Utilities Menu
* 1. Renew SAS Software
g: Go back q: Quit h: Help
Action? (1) 1

SAS Installation Data (SID) is a text file required to install a customized
version of SAS. The SID was e-mailed to your SAS Installation Representative. If
you would like to receive the SID via e-mail now, please use URL to retrieve it
before continuing the installation.
Specify the file containing SAS Installation Data.
--> /opt/sas93/SASFoundation/9.3/SAS93_cccccc_nnnnnnnnn_LINUX_X86-64.txt

SAS Installation Data retrieved successfully.

Applying SAS Installation Data
Please wait...

SAS Installation Data application is complete.


Setup Utilities Menu
* 1. Renew SAS Software
g: Go back q: Quit h: Help
Action? (1) q

Do you want to exit the SAS installation? (N)
--> y
Please review your installation log file, found in:

Exiting SAS Setup...

So having applied the SID properly I now have the required in the right location … and this time I didn’t delete it :)

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