6 thoughts on “Creating a Metadata Bound Library with SAS 9.4”

  1. Paul, Thanks for this useful Post.

    Can you also Post as to how one accesses the Metabound Library?


  2. Hi Prashant,

    Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind for a future post.

    For further info I’d suggest you have a read of the SAS 9.4 Guide to Metadata-Bound Libraries. Users of the metadata bound libraries don’t have to do much different – they can still code a libname statement or use a metadata based library as they did before – although they’ll need a connection to the metadata server to determine access. If they’re using a metadata aware application (such as EG, DI, AMO etc) then they should have that in place already. If they are running SAS DMS or batch jobs then they’ll need appropriate meta options set. As an administrator you’ll also need to make sure they have all the appropriate permissions too.


  3. This is a great post, even if it’s a few years old!

    I wanted to add one thing that I was struggling with for a couple of days. Metadata permissions. You kind of mentioned it in the reply above. If you are looking for permissions and are baffled, look here! You won’t find Create, Select, Alter, etc anywhere else. This drove me nuts until I discovered this.


  4. Thanks for the feedback Matt!

    When looking for permission applicability you might find our free Metacoda Public Types Explorer plug-in useful. I described it in another blog post at https://platformadmin.com/blogs/paul/2014/05/public-types-explorer/ … and the screenshot shows it sorted by the Select permission column to show all the objects to which it applies … which as you say, in SAS 9.4, are just the metadata objects for Metadata Bound Libraries – Secured data folder, Secured library and Secured table. :)

  5. Hello Paul,
    I need some help I didn’t work before on MBL.

    One of my user has MBLibrary created with name xyz with “/apps/xyz”; physical path and yesterday he coded a libname statement with same path like libname abc “/apps/xyz”;
    got error.

    libname abc “/apps/xyz”;

    ERROR: User does not have appropriate authorization level for library DFLDATA.
    ERROR: Error in the LIBNAME statement

    My question is same user but different libname abc to existing metdata-bounded Library name xyz.

    Please advise where is the mistake to correct it.

    Please reply my user is waiting.


  6. I would suggest you check the effective permissions for the metadata identity to ensure they have the required minimum permissions to query the metadata and also check the permissions for the physical directories and files to ensure their host operating system identity has access (user or service account as appropriate for your environment).

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