New Targeted Admin Courses from SAS

Checking my inbox today I saw an email from SAS Education with new course dates for 2010/2011. What really caught my eye was the addition of these new short (1-2 day) targeted admin courses:

It’s great to see more admin training available from SAS Institute, especially these targeted courses. I was often asked by people what training was available to help them administer their SAS Enterprise Guide or SAS Enterprise Miner installations. These new courses seem designed just for them. Of course, there’s still the 5 day SAS Platform Administration: Fast Track course too.

Now there are even more resources to help those who might want to become a certified administrator.

3 thoughts on “New Targeted Admin Courses from SAS”

  1. I work in the Education Division at SAS where I promote the Platform Administration courses. I am excited to see that our new courses are relevant and helpful to our users. Thank you for mentioning them on your blog.

  2. Hi Brooke,

    Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog.

    I think it’s great that SAS offers a variety of admin courses to suit different people’s requirements. I occasionally hear comments that 5 days away from work for a fast track course can be hard to justify, so the shorter targeted courses might help in those instances too.

    One of the things I didn’t mention in my blog post was that people also ask me what sort of training is available for administering the mid-tier (specifically IDP/BID & WRS). At the moment I refer them to the SAS 9.2 Intelligence Platform Web Application Administration Guide, Third Edition, but I notice that there is also a SAS Platform Administration: SAS Middle Tier Applications course tagged Under Development at I think that will be another great addition and look forward to it becoming available too.


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