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  1. I recently learned that if you have ever used the SAS replication wizard in the past, your metadata is corrupt and cannot be successfully upgraded to 9.2 TS2M3 10W46.

    We moved our installation from 9.13 (three machine 32 bit Windows) doing a partial promotion and exporting packages to a (single machine 64 bit Windows) 9.2 TS2M0 installation. Then upgraded the original three machine operating systems to 64 bit OS and installed SAS EBI onto the three machines. We then ran the replication wizard to move our metadata to the new installation. After a good deal of clean-up of the management console settings we were operational and have been using that system since June 2009.

    When 9.2 TS2M3 10W46 was announced we decided it was time to replace our existing server hardware and upgrade our environment to the current SAS version. Since we had been previously advised by SAS technical support that using the replication wizard to migrate from TS2M0 to TS2M3 wasn’t advised or supported. We decided to install TS2M0 on the new hardware, run the replication wizard with systems at the same service level then upgrade to TS2M3 10W46. When we got to this point SAS technical support informed us that using their tool in 2009 had corrupted the metadata.

    I would like to hear from any other SAS customers who have run into the same problem or now suspect their installation is in jeopardy.

  2. Hi Victor,

    Sorry to hear of your experiences. I haven’t personally experienced any metadata corruptions myself when using the replication wizard, although I do tend to use partial promotion, importing & exporting packages, almost exclusively now.
    How did you resolve everything? Did you use partial promotion to export packages from your old TS2M0 installation and import them into a new TS2M3 installation?


  3. Paul,
    We had a conference call with SAS yesterday. Technical support told us that R&D learned the wizard was causing problems with the metadata which effected many different areas. This is why they decided to no longer support the tool not because it wasn’t useful. I am in the process of removing all of the SAS software from my new installation then reinstall and plan to promote the entire BIP tree. Other oject will be exported to packages.

    On another note I recently discovered that using JBoss 4.2GA with SAS EBI is problematic. We were originally told by SAS that JBoss was an acceptable alternative to the commercial application servers. When we started experiencing application server hung server instances. Actually users to go to the web site and see a blank page. We we attempted to RDP into that server we were told all resources had been consumed and we couldn’t log in. My only choice was to reboot the server remotely from a command prompt. Doing that would cause JBoss to overwrite the server.log and boot.log files. Preventing me from determining the root cause which turned out to be all connections had been used and new connections were being denied. When I went to SAS technical support with my logs files I was told “Oh yeah thats a well known problem with JBoss”. I’m now in the process of replacing JBoss with WebSphere.

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  4. thanks for this post. we had planned replication for migration. I used it before when some of the source had made changes. we wanted to use it in the future for promotion too. it looks like there is no tools too like the ones you mentioned and an update host tool too.

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