Some Milestones …

My blog has seen a few milestones of late:

  1. It had 1st birthday recently (boy that year went quickly!)
  2. … then, thanks to mentions from Waynette Tubs in the June edition of the SAS® Technical Report, and Andrew Ratcliffe in his excellent NOTE: blog, it saw a fair bit of extra traffic this month. The unique monthly visitor count for topped 1000 visitors for the first time! I got especially geeky excited when I saw it hit 1024.
  3. … and finally, in a lesser milestone, the number of total spam comments deleted over the past year topped 1000 too – would have been happy not to have seen that milestone, but I guess it’s probably peanuts compared to what other blogs get :)

Thanks to all the readers out there, and special thanks to those that comment, tweet, retweet and say nice things about on other sites/blogs too.

Happy SAS platform admin-ing to all.


2 thoughts on “Some Milestones …”

  1. Hi Paul

    Thanks for running this blog, one gets very good information and lots of ideas to think about

  2. Hi Bruno,

    Thanks for the comment. Glad you like the blog. I enjoy writing it when I get the opportunity. I find blogging a bit like teaching in that when you pass information on to others you do more research than you otherwise might – and I find that’s the fun bit :)


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