Updated SAS Enterprise Guide Admin Paper

One of the papers I regularly recommended to administrators of SAS® Enterprise Guide was TS-788 What SAS® Administrators Should Know about Libraries, Metadata, and SAS® Enterprise Guide 4.1 (PDF), especially for its discussion of the AssignMode extended attribute.

Thanks to a recent post by Chris Hemedinger on The SAS Dummy blog, I’ve discovered that there’s now an updated version of it available: What SAS Administrators Should Know about Libraries, Metadata, and SAS Enterprise Guide (SAS 9.2, SAS Enterprise Guide 4.2 & 4.3) (PDF).

It’s well worth a read and has a great FAQ section at the end. It also mentions METAOUT=DATAREG – new in SAS 9.2.

BTW, if you’re a SAS platform administrator who supports SAS Enterprise Guide users, and you’re not already a reader of The SAS Dummy, I’d definitely recommend adding it to your RSS subscriptions.

2 thoughts on “Updated SAS Enterprise Guide Admin Paper”

  1. Thanks for the link back, Paul. I’m a bit ashamed that it took me two years to create an updated version of that paper. I hope that it was worth the wait…

  2. It was well worth the wait. I didn’t realize you were the author Chris. Cool! It’s a great resource and now I know who to attribute it to.


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