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  1. Paul,

    Thanks for a very timely post!

    We had problem here at an install where we had multiple Application Servers, and could not work out why users could connect to one, but not the other. Turned out one Application Server had WMM set, the other WMM cleared. Setting both fixed the problem – clearly the act of connecting to an Application Server requires WMM.


  2. Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for your comment and sharing your experiences. I am wondering if I have either misunderstood you or whether it was a permission other than WriteMemberMetadata that was the underlying cause? I ask because the WMM permission only applies to folders. WMM can’t be set on an application server (e.g. SASMeta, SASApp etc) as the only applicable permissions for an application server are RM, WM and A – they are the only ones you can see in the authorization tab on an application server. You would certainly need RM to see and use an application server. You can hide an application server from a user if they have an effective denial of RM on it. Additionally some of those users, that might need to assign libraries to an application server for example, will also need an effective grant of WM too.


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