2 thoughts on “Login Reviewer: Finding Accounts with Stored Passwords”

  1. Hi Paul,

    This is a nice feature. I don’t know in 9.3 but down in 9.2, only group logins can be stored in a custom since plain users cannot be created outside the Foundation (might be due to the My Folder content location restrictions). This nevertherless allows to register so-called ‘technical groups’ for sharing system ou DMBS logins in a custom as you show above. But there another restriction applies since Authentication Domains (xxxAuth) are supported – at least in 9.2TS2M3 – only in a Foundation repository ( Try adding one in a custom with the Server Manager Plug-in and a Warning shall be displayed in the SMC). A separate registration for a given application , for instance (including authentication domain + context server + technical group) can be stored only in the Foundation for all its parts and not in a custom, of course if it is to be supported. I agree with you that a login stored in a custom might probably result from an error rather than from a deliberate choice knowing those restrictions.

    Ronan aka the Pompous French ;-)

    PS.: I was just googling the expression ‘Pompous French’ trying to avoid an improper use of the words in English; well, I shoulnd’t have, and now I know that I am not the only one using it in this world, let alone self-deprecatingly ;->

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