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  1. Here are another couple of special query examples:

    If you know the metadata model type and object id for an object you can find it with:

    {{{ Property[@Id=’A9ZQXZQX.AA9999Z9′] }}}

    .. if you know the object id only, and not the type, you can use the following:

    {{{ *[@Id=’A9ZQXZQX.AA9999Z9′] }}}

  2. Thanks for your question Mayur.

    Yes, one of the download packages is the Metacoda Plug-ins Batch Interface. It includes examples of batch configurations for HTML Exports, CSV Exports, Security Test XML Exports, Running Security Tests (including recommended practices) and Identity Sync with Active Directory. Most of the plug-ins support batch processing, however, the Metadata Explorer plug-in, as a facility purely for fast searching and exploration of metadata does not support batch search and export. If you are specifically looking at batch export from the Metadata Explorer then let me know and we can add it as a feature request. In the interim you could also look at using SAS PROC METADATA or the Data Step metadata functions for batch query and reporting of SAS metadata.

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