6 thoughts on “Providing User Access to the SAS® BI Lineage Plug-in”

  1. Thanks Tricia. The person who asked whether it was possible had wanted to make the SAS BI Lineage plug-in available to his BI developers and departmental admins so they could see for themselves how their BI content was being used. I imagined that this would be useful to other SAS sites too.

  2. Hi Paul,
    How do i install the BI Lineage Plugin? Apparently it NOT listed as one of the Plugins in the Plugin Manager .I am using SAS 9.2M2 version of the Management Console. Please let me know.

    Also how is this done in 9.4M1 , we shall soon be moving to it.

  3. Hi Prashant,

    I haven’t needed to specifically install the BI Lineage plug-in for a few years now, as it has always been included in the installation plans I have used. If you need to install it individually then I’d suggest using the SAS Deployment Wizard.


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