Metacoda Plug-ins Tip: Removing an Unwanted Auth Domain and Logins

This tip details how to go about removing an unwanted Authentication Domain and all associated Login objects from SAS metadata. A need for this can arise when you have been temporarily (or accidentally/unnecessarily) added a second set of inbound logins for all of your SAS users and you decide you no longer need those extra logins (perhaps you are migrating between authentication mechanisms).

If you are using the Metacoda Identity Sync Plug-in then the first step is to edit the Identity Sync Profile (IDSP file) using the Identity Sync Profile Wizard and untick the checkbox that configures the 2nd login. If you don’t do this, then the auth domain, and all the logins, will simply be re-added next time you run a sync! You can see a sample screenshot of the wizard page where you can unconfigure the 2nd login below:

Metacoda Identity Sync Plug-in Wizard with unchecked Second Login

After updating, and saving, the Identity Sync Profile you are almost ready to remove the unwanted auth domain and associated logins. Before removing the metadata it is a good idea to do the following: Continue reading “Metacoda Plug-ins Tip: Removing an Unwanted Auth Domain and Logins”

Metacoda Plug-ins Tip: Locate Home Folder for a User

It is usually obvious where a SAS user’s metadata home folder (My Folder or private user folder) is – just look under /User Folders/ (or /Users/ in older SAS versions) for a folder with the user’s name. Sometimes, however, it can be a little trickier to locate: the user name may be cryptic or the user may have been added and deleted in metadata multiple times and you have folders with numeric suffixes i.e. name, name(1), name(2) etc.

To be confident, a user’s home folder can be found specified in metadata. As highlighted in the screenshot below, using the Metacoda User Reviewer, select the user, right click and select Advanced Properties from the context menu. In the Advanced Properties dialog, and the Associated Objects tab you should see the home folder listed in the row where the Association Name is AssociatedHomeFolder.

Metacoda User Reviewer Advanced Properties AssociatedHomeFolder

As a bonus tip, if you need to find home folders for users that are no longer present in metadata see Finding Private User Folders for Deleted SAS Platform Users