SAS Environment Manager Service Architecture: emi_init

Today, whilst trying to troubleshoot why a SAS Environment Manager Service Architecture configuration was no longer collecting and processing logs, I discovered a handy status option for the emi_init command. I’m posting the help output and status output here to remind me in future :)

Here’s the output from the emi_init help option showing all the other available options:

[sas@sas94m3lnx01 bin]$ ./ -h
usage: emi_init [options] [(--enable|--disable) ]
Initializes Service Architecture and/or enables components
 -d,--debug                     Enable debug output
    --disable <[APM,ACM,ALL]>   Components to disable (can't be used with
    --enable <[APM,ACM,ALL]>    Components to enable (can't be used with
 -f,--force                     Re-initialize and overwrite settings
 -h,--help                      Show usage information
 -i,--initialize                Initialize Service Architecture
 -k,--loadKits                  Load kits
    --resetDB                   Reset the Data Mart, purging all existing
                                ACM and APM data, non-recoverable
    --resetFlags                Resets all initialized and enabled flags
                                to false.
                                Note: This does not undo changes made
                                during initialization or component
 -s,--status                    Show operational status
 -v,--verbose                   Enable verbose output
    --vafeed                Enable VA Feed
Exit status:
0  if OK
1  if minor issues are encountered
2  if an error is encountered
-1 for invalid usage

… and here’s some output from the emi_init status option:

[sas@sas94m3lnx01 bin]$ ./ -s
Service Architecture settings:
	Level Root Dir  : [/opt/sas94m3/config/Lev1]
	Base Dir        : [/opt/sas94m3/config/Lev1/Web/SASEnvironmentManager/emi-framework]
	Initialized     : [true]
	Enabled         : [true]
	APM Initialized : [true]
	ACM Initialized : [false]
	APM Enabled     : [true]
	ACM Enabled     : [false]
	VA Feed Enabled : [false]

You can find more information on emi_init and similar commands in the Performing Functions By Using a Command Line section of the SAS Environment Manager 2.5: User’s Guide

Suppressing SAS Workspace Server MVA_DSIO.OPEN_CLOSE and _DISARM Messages

This is just a very quick post to jot down the location of a SAS reference that I keep losing! I have the SAS Audit, Performance and Measurement (APM) package installed in my older SAS 9.4 M0 dev/test environment. The APM package is now deprecated as the functionality has moved into SAS Environment Manager (from 2.4). One of the effects of having APM installed is that my SAS Workspace Server logs have a huge number of lines that look like this:

NOTE: MVA_DSIO.OPEN_CLOSE| _DISARM|         STOP| _DISARM| 2016-07-31T15:44:27,279+10:00| _DISARM| WorkspaceServer| _DISARM| | 
      _DISARM| | _DISARM| | _DISARM| 9854976| _DISARM| 12| _DISARM| 12| _DISARM| 320| _DISARM| 1840| _DISARM| | _DISARM| | _DISARM| 
NOTE: PROCEDURE| _DISARM|         STOP| _DISARM| 2016-07-31T15:44:27,279+10:00| _DISARM| WorkspaceServer| _DISARM| | _DISARM| | 
      _DISARM| | _DISARM| 9854976| _DISARM| 12| _DISARM| 12| _DISARM| 728| _DISARM| 1840| _DISARM| | _DISARM| | _DISARM| | _DISARM| 

Sometime I want to suppress those lines (without uninstalling SAS APM). I then remember there’s a SAS page that contains instructions on how to do it, and spend several minutes trying to find it. I keep looking for a SAS Usage Note, but instead it’s a gem at the end of the SAS APM FAQ page: “Why do the Enterprise Guide SAS logs contain messages related to MVA_DSIO.OPEN_CLOSE and _DISARM? How can these messages be eliminated from the SAS log for EG users?”.

Essentially you edit the workspace server’s logconfig.apm.xml and change the Threshold of the WSLogAppender to Error.

You’ll want to pay attention to the note in the FAQ that says it will disable the SAS DI Studio Job Statistics features. I don’t use that feature in this environment, but you might!