6 thoughts on “Sneak Peek at our new Effective Permissions Explorers”

  1. Hi,
    Does the Identity permissions explorer support search on userid (as defined in de users/group account tab)?

  2. Hi Ralf,

    Not as yet, but I’ll try to make sure it does before we release it (I think it’ll be quite easy).

    Thanks for the question.


  3. Hi Paul,

    Can we export “Object Permissions Explorer” Output on Folder Level in a HTML/PDF Report?


  4. Hi Harshit,

    Thanks for your question. Whilst most of the other Metacoda Plug-ins do provide for an export to HTML (and Security Test XML), we have not yet provided an export facility for the Object Permissions Explorer (nor the Identity Permissions Explorer). Our initial thoughts for these were that they would be tools used for fast interactive exploration and troubleshooting of effective permissions for a handful of objects or identities rather than ongoing documentation of effective permissions for all objects and identities. Given there may be many thousands of objects, and hundreds or thousands of users, when you multiply those together we thought it make for a very large and unwieldy export. Additionally a small change to access controls or identity hierarchies can have a large impact on effective permissions and could very quickly invalidate that documentation.

    However, since those initial thoughts, a number of users have asked us for the ability to export just the current view for the purposes of quickly and temporarily communicating effective permissions with others in the organization. Based on this feedback we plan to provide this in a future release, so please keep an eye out for it.


  5. As from Metacoda Plug-ins 5.0, the Identity Permissions Explorer and Object Permissions Explorer now allow effective permission reports to be exported in HTML and CSV format. You can also export effective permission tests to run in the testing framework too.

    Kind Regards,

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