3 thoughts on “SAS Stored Process Code in Metadata”

  1. Which reminds me of a 1970’s commercial for the Museum of Science in Boston, the theme of which was, “It’s fun to find out.”

  2. As SAS programs don’t usually occupy lots of space, I think it’s a good option to store the program in metadata. It’s also one fewer “moving part” to get involved when adding/editing/running stored processes. You don’t have to worry about file system nuances or web tier glitches — rare in a properly configured system, but sometimes tricky to track down if things go wrong.

  3. So true Quentin!

    Good points Chris. It made me realize that it also means no discrepancy between metadata access controls and file system access controls for the SAS code too (leaving only the stored process data sources/targets to consider). No more incorrectly moved/renamed .sas code either. Nice.

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